We’ll customize any of our training offerings to meet your organization’s specific needs. Some of the topics offered include the following:

  • Respectful Workplace
  • Exceptional Service (or How Not to Tick Off Your Grandma)
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Working with / Managing Difficult People
  • Understanding Your Behaviors
  • Situational Leadership
  • Coaching Skills for Leaders
  • Role of the Leader
  • Time Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Collaboration & Communication
  • Interviewing & Selection
  • Project Management Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Process Improvement

Contact us if you see a need that isn’t covered!


First seek to understand, then seek to be understood. Knowledge is power. Wood Consulting has been using DISC behavioral assessments for at least 15 years, and has found them to be an invaluable tool in helping staff at all levels understand their own behaviors, how they are perceived by others, and how best to interact with others that have different styles. Companies that use them see improved communication, teamwork, leadership skills, and behavioral results, especially when coupled with coaching, training, and mentoring.


With a cumulative 40+ years of experience coaching individual contributors and leaders through a wide variety of situations, we’ve seen and heard a lot and have a good idea of what it takes to be successful. Our model is one of ownership by the coachee, guiding them through a process that identifies challenges, roadblocks to success, goals, and action plans.

Succession Management

Whether developing a succession management program from scratch or formalizing and fine-tuning a system that’s been working “OK”, we will help ensure that your business has the depth it needs to be successful long term.

Employee Engagement

Do you know how engaged (or disengaged) your workforce is and the impact that engagement level could be having on your success? Let us help you by administering an employee engagement survey, working with you to interpret the results, and developing an action plan to improve them.

Strategic Planning

We’ll partner with you to guide your leadership team through the strategic planning process and assist with development of a plan to deploy through the rest of the organization, ensuring that your plan is truly driving results in all areas of your business. This can take many forms – from providing a structure and format to guide your process to planning and facilitating a leadership workshop or retreat.

Performance Management Systems

What gets managed gets done. We can evaluate and advise on your current system or build one from the ground up, including training managers and employees to use it to drive business results.

Human Resources Support

Whether you have a small department with a list of projects that just never seem to get done or just don’t have a big enough team to warrant a designated HR person, we can help. Some examples of this type of support include:

  • HR compliance/department audit
  • Employee handbook and employment policy writing/revision
  • Ad hoc consulting on performance issues
  • HR scorecard development
  • Don’t see it on the list? Just ask!

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